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Since having graduated in audiovisual media at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne with a diploma and the postgraduate professional education INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION at the Internationale Filmschule Köln I have been working for more than 14 years as a filmmaker, producer, lecturer and consultant for the film industry. As a producer I worked for the Cologne 2Pilots Film Production GmbH since 2007. Before that I served 7 years as managing director and producer for the production company Discofilm in Cologne. My first produced feature STATUS YO! premiered in Forum at  Berlinale in 2004. Since then I was involved in the production of over ten features and documentaries. Besides the development and production my expertise lies in financing, distribution and exploitation of feature films and documentaries. Since 2003 I lead and teach seminars on project development, financing, production, exploitation, sales and distribution. As a lecturer and tutor I have worked for the International Film School in Cologne, the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne and the TP2 talent pool. In addition I organized and guided excursion in the CineMart / Rotterdam Film Festival, the European Film Market / Berlin Film Festival and the Marché du Film / Cannes Film Festival.  As a networking member of the film industry I came up with the idea of optimising coproduction and market potentials online. I am one of the founders of ChakaPro, an online workspace for producers and the market funded by MEDIA.


Arne Ludwig is responsible for NEW BUSINESS at headtrip Immersive Media GmbH in Cologne / Germany. Headtrip is one of the leading producers of immersive media in Germany. From the first concept to production and programming up to the finished product, headtrip acts as service provider and sparring partner for all the themes in virtual reality, 360-degree production and augmented reality. The  team includes award-winning filmmakers and software developers all with many years of experience in TV, film and IT productions. Thus together headtrip offers workshops and designs and realizes immersive media. headtrip exhibits in trade shows and in company events.


Arne is a VR evangelist and currently president of the First German Business Association For Immersive Media.

The EDFVR has more than 100 active members and partnership with german VR companies, Universities and Institutions. Arne has co-curated the HANDS ON VR exhibition in Berlin for #re:publica TEN in May 2016, partnered with the Digility 2016 in September, the first German professional VR / AR Conference  and has moderated panels and held Keynotes at ArtsPlus / Bookfair Frankfurt as well as Medientage München.

As a speaker and consultant as well as jury member Arne has been invited to Batumi Film Festival / Georgia in September 2015  , to Berlinale Co-Production Market in February 2016, to Montreal at Le Rendezvous Pro / Quebeccinema in February 2016 and presented a Masterclass in VR at Istanbul in April 2016.

Arne has a been working for more than 18 years as a producer, lecturer and consultant for the film and media industry. He is an alumni of Cologne Media Arts Academy and studied International Production postgraduate at International Filmschool in Cologne.
Arne’s first produced feature STATUS YO! premiered in Forum at Berlinale in 2004. He has been producing and co-producing over a dozen feature films and documentaries worldwide.

In 2015 he joined XR agency HEADTRIP as NEW BUSINESS and feels this position to be like a VR Evangelist. In his own words Arne is extending HEADTRIP’s vision VIRTUAL REALITY - WELL TOLD as follows: „Take it as a fact. A world without VR is unimaginable.“ He has taught Virtual Reality at University of Mainz and Film Production at International Filmschool in Cologne.

Together with his team at Arne curates and selects startups for conferences and events

He is a VR consultant for EAVE, the Cologne Digital Hub as well as the Co-Production Market of Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale).


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